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Business Advisory Services

Operating a business can be challenging for a variety of reasons. That’s why we’re here to offer you a variety of small business advisory services.

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The budgeting process is a valuable step in the right direction toward sound financial management.

Through budget creation, you and your team display company-wide expectations for a given time frame. We also advocate having your management team involved in the budgeting process thereby creating buy-in from them as well.

We can assist you with the process to determine how your business plans or projects may affect your bottom line.

Bank Financing

Do you need additional funding for a project? Do you need a new or different commercial building in order to keep your business moving in the desired direction?

We can assist you in working with banks to make sure you receive the financing you require. We can explain what kind of documentation the bank will look for, explain any necessary loan covenants, and assist you with projections or forecasts in order to show what your business would look like if financing is achieved. Let us be your partner when dealing with banks.

Business Purchase or Sale

Buying or selling a business is an important decision that is difficult to make on your own. When you decide it's time to transition your business, our accounting professionals can walk you through the process from beginning to end. Leaving tax, risk management, or legal issues up to chance can severely hinder a business transition. We will be with you every step of the way as we carefully maneuver through this significant process.

If you are interested in selling your business, we will discuss the benefits of having a third-party business valuation. We’ll give you guidance on how to structure the sale that makes the most financial sense.

If you are considering purchasing a business, we can provide you guidance on how to structure the purchase. We can assist with obtaining the financing required to complete the deal. We’ll also help you understand the structure of the business entity you are purchasing as well as offer recommendations on a new structure that makes the most sense for you. Following a purchase, we can help you structure an appropriate accounting system and assist you in all of your accounting needs.

Business Start-up

As you begin your business endeavors, there are a number of significant factors to consider when creating a foundation for a successful company.

Our certified public accountants (CPAs) can help you determine the most suitable structure for your new venture, provide assistance on choosing and utilizing accounting software, make sure your business is formed properly and legally, and so much more. This groundwork will create the foundation of your business moving forward.

Let us walk you through a challenging process made simplified using trusted, professional guidance. The following are some of the questions we can help answer:

1. Which type of tax entity should your business be?

We will help you decide on whether you should be a sole proprietorship, S-corporation, C-corporation, partnership, or LLC. You will be taxed as one of these types of entities, and we’ll discuss the pros and cons of each of these for you to make an informed decision.

2. What type of registration do you need?

We can assist you in registering with the Internal Revenue Service (Federal Identification Number), Wisconsin Department of Revenue (Business Tax Registration, Withholding tax or Sales tax) and the Wisconsin Department of Workforce Development (Wisconsin Unemployment), plus any additional registration you would require.

3. What kind of accounting system is most suitable for your situation?

We can help you design a chart of accounts tailored to your business. Our QuickBooks ProAdvisors can help set up and train you on how to use the system. Our professionals have experience with custom accounting software as well.

We'll be there to support you through the process, from beginning to end.